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We deliver innovative, insightful and transformative solutions that help organizations achieve breakthrough and sustainable enhancements to their performance.


We help evaluate and structure deals to extract maximum value for closely-held businesses deploying an approach that objectively factors in both tax and non-tax considerations as well as each organization’s unique situation, biases, and personality.


Leadership is a Sina Quo Non for stellar organizational effectiveness.  We draw on deep insights to help develop authentic and competent leaders who drive superior organizational performance and boldly create the future they envision for their organizations.


Boards are facing increased and intense scrutiny from diverse stakeholders in a rapidly shifting business and legal landscape.  We help build strong, innovative and high-performance boards that effectively navigate this increasingly complicated and challenging environment and lead their organizations to scale greater heights.


As growth slows or stalls due to a maturing business, your core source of profit is directly threatened by a nimble upstart,  and competitive events unfold on the horizon with breathtaking speed that pushes you to the brink and raises the specter of oblivion, its time for a deft and bold strategic maneuver.  We deploy cutting edge tools and frameworks that will help your organization unlock new sources of growth and position you for success in the face of competitive threats.


Today’s Chief Financial Officers play an indispensable role in managing risk, allocating capital, managing performance, measuring value and driving change.  We bring deep financial expertise and insight to the table that your company can leverage to create enduring financial value.  Our services include  financial statement analysis; budgeting, forecasting and planning; corporate tax administration and planning; executive tax and financial planning; working capital management; cash flow management; capital budgeting; financial strategy; mergers and acquisitions support; pension plan; corporate restructuring and reorganization; audit readiness; contract and funding agreement compliance; complex accounting issues support; risk management; back office accounting and payroll; indirect cost rate calculations and review; financial closing; internal controls; and accounts receivable, inventory and accounts payable management.


 Organizations today operate in a highly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment that can not only prove disruptive to organizational performance and value but also subject them to existential threats.  We deploy a structured and disciplined portfolio-based approach that is tailored to the organization’s size and complexity to help organizations identify, assess, prioritize, and respond to these risks in a way that is proactive and value enhancing. 

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