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We deliver the full range of value-added, cost-effective and

customized services for C Corporations, S Corporations, Partnerships, Estates, Trusts, Employee Benefit Plans, Non-Profit Organizations, and High-Income Individuals.


We develop and implement effective strategies that enable our clients to eliminate, minimize or defer their tax liability.  Our tax planning services are based on the premise that tax planning cannot occur without taking into account the various non-tax factors impacting our clients or their transactions.  Consequently, our approach entails rigorous analyses and considerations that extend beyond the specific tax consequences of an event or transaction to include the event's or transaction's overall economic results.  


Tax laws and technology change at a frenetic pace.  This often can be disruptive to our clients.  We are experts who not only anticipate and embrace these changes continuously but also thrive in the midst of them.  Our clients navigate these changes with ease when we hold their hand every step through the uncertainty these changes induce.  Our customers expect no less from us.  We deliver with finesse. 


Our seasoned tax experts combine a deep and sophisticated understanding of tax laws and our clients' businesses to help craft a wide menu of solutions tailored to each client's unique circumstances.  Our services include business entity selection, business succession planning, tax reporting and strategy, federal withholding tax analysis and planning, support of desk and field tax audits, pre-trial support during disputes with tax authorities, representing clients in all judicial proceedings, review of tax authorities’ conduct and resolutions, and strengthening corporate tax function, including formulating a corporate tax strategy, devising key metrics to assess tax strategy effectiveness, enhancing tax accounting, planning and compliance business processes, tax optimization, creating tax risk monitoring and assessment mechanisms, building tax forecasting systems, designing tax function organizational structures, and designating roles an authority among tax function, etc. 

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